Welcome to Union Bank & Trust Company

Good Friday - April 18th hours:

UB&T lobbies will close at 1:00 pm Friday in observance of Good Friday.  Drive-Ups will be open normal hours.

  • Mobile Banking

    phone Bank from your phone anytime, anywhere!
    1. From your PC, use our website to enroll and get an activation code by choosing “Enroll” under the Mobile Banking tab.*
    2. Download the Union Bank & Trust Company app to your Android or iPhone. The app will contain our logo: (Not needed for SMS Text only banking)
    3. From your phone, active your mobile device with the activation code and follow the prompts.
    4. Enjoy the convenience of mobile banking!
    *Expired passwords can be reset by visiting the Mobile Banking tab on our website through your PC and choosing “Login”.
  • Online Security

    At UB&T, we place the highest value on respecting and protecting the security of your data and transactions. We have five short videos available for you that address key security topics including:
    • Phishing
    • Identify theft
    • Internet fraud
    • Social media
    • Portable devices
    Learn more about online security with these helpful videos.
  • Credit Reports: Just the Facts

    creditscoreThere is only one legitimate source for a free credit report - go online or call:

    These contacts were created by the three nationwide consumer credit reporting firms and are the no-cost contact for your free credit reports. More information here.
  • Our Mission Statement

    By helping our customers succeed, we help our communities succeed. That’s the business we know and that’s the business we want to be part of—making people’s lives better.

Union Bank & Trust Company –  We provide the services and technology you need to manage your money today.  Locally owned and managed, we have the philosophy that we want to be your bank for life.

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